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July 23, 2014 • Heart Health

Almonds for Heart Health

almonds 1Like other nuts, almonds are on a roll for health, and this delicious food just landed another scientific triumph. For this new study, scientists had a group of young to middle age men consume a handful of almonds as a snack everyday for one month. A control group of study subjects consumed their regular diets without adding any almonds. At the end of one-month study, those consuming the daily almonds had higher blood levels of antioxidants, better blood vessel function, and lower blood pressure– validating that almonds improve blood vessel function. (Free Radical Research, 2014;48 (5))

Almonds are home to seven separate nutritional attributes known to be especially beneficial for heart health. Scientists believe it is this unique “matrix” of heart-healthy compounds that make them such a sensational food for cardiovascular protection. Click here to see the other superstar foods for heart health.