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Where Trans Fats Typically Hide

Although trans fats are much less common in processed foods than in years past, they still haunt our food supply. Here are the foods that most commonly contain them. Many are kids’ favorites—so beware! Frozen pizzas Cookies Pie Crusts Microwave popcorn Stick margarine Cake mixes and frostings Pancake and waffle mixes Frozen dinners Refrigerated and […]

    Any form of cabbage is great for you, but red cabbage is simply stellar.  Like its “green cabbage cousins,” it is super low in calories (only 30 per cup), brimming with nutrients (especially vitamins C, K and A), and turbo charged with some of the most powerful disease protective compounds ever identified in […]

If you are someone who stops and spends time in front the dizzying array of yogurts in the dairy section trying to decide which is the healthiest and tastiest option, then this video is for you. Don’t stop there. Get all of Dr. Ann’s best grocery store guidance on a laminated list you can take […]

Eating berries regularly may be one of the easiest and tastiest ways to protect our precious brains. Past studies have already shown that berries exhibit show-stopping antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power – 2 profoundly beneficial factors for brain health. Thanks to a study from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, scientists identified yet another way berries may play a starring […]

Want to know the “secrets” to healthy eating and making it stick? The past decade has delivered a flood of new science showing us the way. Here are the crucial guideposts: Begin first with full acceptance of where you are now – it is profoundly liberating. Seek the inspiration and motivation to change from the […]

In an intriguing scientific twist that really grabbed my attention, scientists have uncovered new insight on how the “type of calories” we eat – in this case protein vs. carbs – can have totally different effects on special brain cells involved in wakefulness and metabolism. Housed in our brains are specialized neurons called orexin cells. […]

Mushrooms are great for you! They’re super low in calories (20 calories per ½ cup), but high in key nutrients, including B vitamins, copper, potassium, and selenium – it’s wise to get into the health habit of including them regularly in your diet. A little known fact is that mushrooms are also filled with powerful […]

Most of the work of healthy eating is done right in the grocery store. Watch this video for important tips about grocery shopping. Take me to the grocery store with you. Get your own copy of one of my custom grocery guides.    

I consider beans the most underutilized and underappreciated superfood.  Here are 8 reasons to include them in your diet every day. Beans have megawatt nutritional power.  They provide a vegetable protein, more fiber and folate than any other food, potent antioxidants, and several key minerals. Beans fill you up without filling you out.  Their high […]

With so much information out there, how can you really know what truly constitutes the healthiest diet? Is there one way of eating that is healthier than the rest? Thanks to tens of thousands of published scientific studies, we are now able to highlight two rules that characterize the world’s healthiest diet. Click the video below to find […]

Want to dramatically lower your risk of dying from a cardiac event? Get fit! Movement is remarkably good for the heart. Following a recent study,* scientists concluded that fitness appears to slash the risk of cardiac death. For the evaluation, scientists carefully measured the fitness of over 55,000 Americans and followed their health status onward for up to 14 years. […]

Frozen produce, contrary to conventional wisdom, is just as nutritious, and in some cases may be even better for you than fresh.  Here’s why: Produce that will be frozen for transport can be picked at the “peak” of ripeness thanks to flash-freezing technology that literally locks in their nutritional value, while simultaneously imparting long-term preservation.  The phytochemical and nutrient content […]

White potatoes have been a delicious staple in the American diet for centuries, but it’s no secret that this starchy tuber is a very high-glycemic food and spikes blood sugar levels. (High glycemic foods can lead to insulin resistance, which you can read about here.) The great news is this: You can prepare white potatoes in a […]