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January 30, 2018 • Weight Control

Where You Carry Excess Weight is What Really Matters


In one of the largest evaluation to date, scientists concluded that normal weight individuals (those with a normal BMI) that carry their excess weight in the midsection (central obesity) are at the greatest risk of death from any cause relative to those who are overweight or obese and carry their weight elsewhere.

In this large-scale analysis, scientists compared death risk with the weight status of 42,702 English and Scottish adults over a 10-year period. Each participant was categorized in one of the following based on their BMI and waist circumference: normal weight without central obesity; normal weight with central obesity; overweight; overweight with central obesity; obese; or obese with central obesity. When compared with normal weight individuals with flat bellies, only normal weight and obese people with excess belly fat were at an increased risk of death from all causes.

This study backs up several previous studies that have shown that belly fat is the real menace. Click here to see what steps you can take to reduce your belly size.


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