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February 3, 2016 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Weight Control

The Best Produce for Weight Control

waist measure 2If you are looking for a science-based tactic for choosing the very best fruits and veggies for weight control, keep reading. In an exciting new study from researchers at Harvard, scientists found that those consuming the highest levels of a unique category of plant compounds called flavonoids, experienced superior weight control vs. those consuming lesser amounts. For this evaluation, the scientists followed the diets and health status of over 124,000 men and women over a 24-year period. After adjusting for other influencing factors, study subjects who consumed foods rich in flavonoids gained up to ¼ of a pound less every 4 years for each standard deviation of greater flavonoid intake. Translation – even a very small dose of flavonoids seemed to positively impact weight management! For perspective, a single serving of blueberries was equivalent to 12 standard deviation units. For further motivation to consume an abundance of flavonoid-rich produce, keep in mind that we already have solid evidence for their propensity to guard heart and brain health. Click here to see the fruits and veggies that provide the most. (BMJ, January 28th, 2016)