Dr. Ann

December 2016

How to Choose The Healthiest Cereal

For many Americans, cereal is a beloved kitchen staple. But do you know how to choose the varieties that are good for you and avoid the ones that are not?

November 2016

Why You Should Be Eating Eggs: Health Facts You Didn't Know

Discover little-known facts about the health-value of eggs and why you should include them in your diet!

November 2016

How to Choose the Healthiest Yogurt

If you are someone who spends time in front of the dizzying array of options in the yogurt section, trying to figure out which is the healthiest and tastiest choice, ...

October 2016

This Activity is Essential for Healthy Living

Dr. Ann takes you inside the grocery store for some expert tips on how to shop so that you can achieve optimal health! www.drannwellness.com.

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