Dr. Ann

June 2017

6 Ways to Get Optimal Amounts of Omega 3 Fats In Your Diet

Consuming omega 3 fats is vital for optimal health. Learn which foods you can include to get more omega 3 every day! We've got an exciting announcement!

June 2017

Are Diet Sodas Healthy? Find Out Here!

There's a lot of confusion about diet sodas as part of a healthy diet. Find out what science has shown about these still widely-consumed beverages.

May 2017

Top 4 Things You Can Do to Lower Your Cancer Risk

This video is about cancer prevention. Learn the 4 things you can do to lower your risk! www.drannwellness.com.

May 2017

How to Get Quality Sleep (VITAL for Good Health!)

This video is about how you can improve your sleep. Sleep is sacred! We now know that sleep has an enormous impact on your health and quality of life. www.

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