Dr. Ann

In a study involving 559 teens, the more fructose (a component of sugary foods and beverages) they consumed, the higher their blood pressure and fasting blood sugar, and the lower their HDL (good) cholesterol. These finding were most marked in teens with excess belly fat. (Journal of Nutrition, February 2012) In a study that sought […]

We all know that vigorous physical activity is great for our health, but what if we have arthritis or some other joint condition?  Thankfully, there are a host of joint-friendly ways to get your heart rate up to reap all the benefits of aerobic exercise while sparing your joints both stress and pain. Take a […]

With the H1N1 virus making its debut with an unprecedented vengeance – we all need to be more vigilant in keeping our innate immune defenses working at peak performance.  Past studies have consistently shown that those who maintain a regular exercise regimen get less colds and flu type infections than their couch potato counterparts.  A […]