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May 26, 2021 •

Change What You Eat for Less Inflammation

Processed foods and red meat drive a proinflammatory gut microbiome. That was the conclusion of a new study that monitored the diets as well as the gut microbes of 1,425 study subjects across four groups—those with Crohn’s disease, those with ulcerative colitis, those with irritable bowel syndrome, and normal subjects.
Across all groups, higher intakes of animal foods, sugar, processed foods, and alcohol were linked to microbes known to drive inflammation. In contrast, higher intakes of whole plant foods and fish were linked to microbes that decrease inflammation as well as support the health of the gut lining. 

Given that inflammation is a key driver of most chronic diseases, these findings underscore the importance of eating more whole plant foods and fish, and less red meat and processed foods. For the full lowdown on eating to quiet dangerous inflammation, check out my Just Say Whoa to Inflammation e-course.

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