Healthy Workers,
Happy lives

No matter what your business entails, it likely involves people. And the healthier those people are, the better your business will be. Dr. Ann is especially passionate and committed to improving the vitality of working Americans. She provides first class expertise in employee wellness education and motivation. Let Dr. Ann guide and inspire your team to a healthier, happier lifestyle!

Dr. Ann’s Healthy Living School

Employee E-Courses – The next best thing to having Dr. Ann right in your own corporate headquarters or workplace! Dr. Ann offers high-quality e-courses of her most life-changing healthy living programs.


Grocery Shopping Guides

Dr. Ann knows that most of the work of healthy eating is done right at the grocery store. She has totally scripted this critical step to optimal health with her customized Grocery Shopping Guides.


We’ve Done the Work for You

Find out why wellness coordinators and employees are calling our online courses “totally inspiring,” “life-changing,” and “exactly what they needed.”