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With electrifying passion, Dr. Ann brilliantly transforms the science of nutrition and healthy living into keynotes that are simple, fun, delicious and ultra-practical. Your audience will be wowed by her expertise, moved by her energy, and inspired to take action now.

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“Dr. Ann is by far the most inspiring speaker I’ve ever heard.”

— Steven Cole, President SSA, An Excellus Company

“Dr. Ann is absolutely amazing! To be able to say so much for two hours and keep every single second of it interesting is almost impossible to imagine – and yet that’s exactly what she did!”

— William poole, senior editor of hertiage foundation

“I’ll have what she’s having! She is a dynamo!”

— attendee, WELCOA’s National Training Summit

“Our summit was a huge success and you were by far the biggest hit of the day – you are a revolution!”

— Devon Hanahan, Chair SC Commission on Women

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Most Popular Presentations

Eat Right for Life®

1 hr, 1.5 hrs, or 2 hrs

This is Dr. Ann’s most popular talk. With explosive enthusiasm, she delivers THE blueprint for healthy eating in a way that anyone can sink their teeth into permanently!

The Happiness Diet

1 hr, 1.5 hrs, or 2 hrs

The foods that cross our lips have a profound influence on the structure, function, and health of our brains. In this totally uplifting and lively talk, Dr. Ann inspires and teaches the audience how to use food to enhance peace of mind and lower stress, while unleashing the remarkable power of the human brain.

Weigh Less for Life

1 hr, 1.5 hrs, or 2 hrs

Dr. Ann shares what the very best science tells us are the very best ways to lose weight for good and feel great for life. The audience will walk away with take-action-today inspiration and a complete understanding of every no-nonsense, non-negotiable strategy for lasting weight control and good health.

Live Life

1 hr, 1.5 hrs, or 2 hrs

Dr. Ann says it all in this “comprehensive” healthy living talk. She provides state-of-the-art guidance for optimal nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices to set everyone on the irrestible path to lifelong wellness and vitality.

Nature: The Best Kept Secret to Better Health

1 hr, 1.5 hrs

Mother Nature may be the most powerful prescription of all. Riveting new science has now linked exposure to natural environments to a stunning list of benefits for the mind and the body. Whether your goals are to reset the stress button, kick-start your creativity, boost your immunity, reduce your cancer risk, or practically anything else, “greening” yourself may be just what the doctor ordered. Learn how a dose of Nature can unleash a multitude of powerful physiologic changes that can enhance well-being and reduce the risk of a startling range of diseases.

Additional Presentations

1 hr or 1.5 hrs
  • Just Say Whoa! to Inflammation
  • Nurture Your Microbiome
  • Optimize Your Immunity
  • Sleep Better, Forever
  • Boost Your Energy
  • Life or Death by Carbs
  • Just Say Whoa! to Cancer
  • Just Say Whoa! to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Being Good to Your Heart
  • Being Good to Your Breasts
  • Top 10 Foods for Brain Health
  • Feed Your Kids Right!
  • All the Right Foods…

*Dr. Ann is happy to customize any talk to accommodate your needs and time constraints.

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