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Healthy Kid Yogurt Parfait

Serves 4


About 3 cups Greek-style vanilla yogurt

1 and 1/4  cups granola (homemade is cheapest and best), store-bought is fine (look for lowest sugar variety)

4 tbsp hemp kernels

2 cups frozen blueberries or frozen mixed berries

Transparent cup-shaped sealable container


Side: Finger Friendly  Fruits or Veggies with Dip

1 individual peanut butter or almond butter container

1 large apple or pear, sliced for dipping (celery sticks are also an option)


1 handful of baby carrots

1 individual container hummus



Use a transparent container to display the colors of the parfait ingredients. Alternate layering the yogurt, granola, hemp kernels, and berries until you reach the top. Be mindful of placement to make it as appealing as possible! (Repeat for remaining parfaits.

Ingredients should be enough for two large or three smaller parfaits.


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