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October 19, 2020 • Weight Control

Weight Control May Be All About the Weekdays

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In a fascinating study scientists uncovered what may be a key behavioral practice for staying slim and avoiding weight gain—diligence in healthy eating during the weekdays.

For the study, researchers had 80 adults weigh themselves each day before breakfast for up to one year. The primary aim of the study was to determine if study subject’s weights fluctuated depending on the various days of the week. Some telling patterns clearly emerged. In most every study subject, regardless of their body weight, weight increased over the weekend, peaking by Monday morning. There was a clear difference however in what happened during the weekdays between those who lost or maintained weight vs. those who gained weight over the study period.

For the maintainers and losers, weight typically went down right away during the first part of the week with the maximal decrease on Friday. For the gainers, there was no statistical difference in weight during the weekdays relative to the prior weekend. The researchers concluded that weekend weight gain appears to be a universal phenomena, and that quickly and more strictly adhering to healthy diet changes during the weekdays is likely fundamental to lifelong weight control. Obesity Facts, 2014 7(1)


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