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October 6, 2016 •

Weight Loss Breakthrough

Scientist recently proved that incorporating “acceptance-based” skills (ABT) into how we approach weight loss could significantly boost success.


Here are the key directives of ABT:

  • Base your weight loss goals on your personal values. Meaning, hitch your desire to lose weight to the things in life that matter most and give your life meaning. For example: losing weight so you can actively play with your grandkids or perform better in a job you love vs. focusing on a certain number on the scale or fitting into an old pair of jeans.
  • Practice full acceptance from the start. You must accept and acknowledge that losing weight will be difficult at times and naturally comes with some degree of deprivation, hunger and cravings.
  • Be mindful at all times around food. To counter the environmental cues that drive us to eat even when we are not hungry (boredom, TV, the sight of food etc.), always ask yourself if you’re really hungry before you put any food in your mouth.

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