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July 22, 2018 • Weight Control

A Little Weight Loss Leads to Big Health Gains

In a highly encouraging report that echoes previous findings, scientists concluded the greatest benefits come from losing just 5% of body weight. Yes, the biggest health bang for your efforts can be attained with very modest weight loss.

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For this study, researchers randomly assigned 40 obese adults to maintain weight or to lose 5, 10 or 15 percent of their starting body weight. The researchers carefully monitored a host of organ systems throughout the body as well as cellular responses both before and after weight loss. To their surprise, there was a notable improvement in metabolic function throughout all organ systems in the body as well as a marked reduction in liver fat (considered the most deadly fat) with as little as 5 percent of weight loss. Although additional metabolic improvements were noted in some areas with continued weight loss, most of the benefits came with the initial 5 percent loss of weight.

Here is the very best part: The scientists concluded that a relatively modest weight loss can markedly reduce the risk for diabetes and heart disease and improve metabolic function in all key areas of the body. That is fantastic news that could save countless lives!

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