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December 7, 2021 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Avocados Improve Gut Health Too

Avocados have a well-deserved, glowing reputation as a superstar food, and we can now add better gut health to its list of health accolades. In a study undertaken to assess how consuming avocado daily would affect the gut microbiome, scientists provided 163 overweight, but healthy young adults a daily meal either with or without an avocado.

The study subjects otherwise ate as they chose. Urine, blood, and fecal samples were provided by the subjects throughout the 12-week study period. Every four weeks detailed food diaries were also submitted along with how much of the avocado meal was consumed. 

The results? Study subjects that consumed the daily avocado meal exhibited significantly greater gut microbial diversity – considered the most telling marker of a healthy gut microbiome. The fecal samples of the avocado eating study subjects also had a greater number of “good microbes” – species of gut bacteria that produce valuable metabolites, including short chained fatty acids (SCFA’s). SCFA’s are revered for their far-reaching health benefits both within the gut lining as well as in the body and brain.

What’s more, the avocado eating subjects had less bile acids and more fat in their fecal samples – indicating that they absorbed less fat from their meals. This finding is consistent with studies that show that avocados are a great choice for those trying to lose weight. 

Bottom line: Avocados are a remarkable, truly stellar health food that everyone should strive to include daily in their diets. Given how delectable they taste and feel in the mouth, how can you pass them up?!


The Journal of Nutrition, 2020; DOI: 10.1093/jn/nxaa219