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April 12, 2012 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Sprouted Beans – Superstar Food – Benefits of Sprouted Beans

Beans already make the cut as a superstar food, and when you eat them in a sprouted form you take them to a whole new level of nutritional WOW. The ancient culinary technique of “sprouting beans” provides many distinct enhancements. The process dramatically boosts the bean’s vitamin, mineral, and protein values while reducing its carbohydrate (starch) content. The enzymes produced within the beans during the sprouting process pre-digest much of its protein and starch components, which make them especially gentle (and less gassy!) for our digestive systems. Think of these sprouted legumes as beans on steroids that are much easier to digest. The very best part of the story is that you do not even have to do the sprouting yourself. You can now find sprouted dried beans in the grocery stores. They are incredibly versatile and cook on the top of the stove in fifteen minutes which I LOVE! I buy a big (3 lb) bag of the “Truroots Sprouted Bean Trio” brand from Costco, and they are my new favorite “convenience” food. Here is a recipe I love.