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May 7, 2024 •

Testimonials from Real People Like You


“Dr. Ann,

I want to let you know also that I have lost 19 pounds since doing the course. I have 7 pounds to go for my ideal weight. I went from a size 12 & 14 to size 6 & 8. Everyone wants to know how I did it. I tell them to Google Dr. Ann, she can change your life for the better no matter the situation. I would NOT be where I am if it wasn’t for you.

And BIG news: I got my lab results back last Monday and for the first time my TSH went from 0.747 to 0.310–it had stayed the same for the past 7 years. My cholesterol was 259 now 195. I’m 63 and feel like my 30s again. Thanks for your passion and the tools in helping so many like me to enjoy life being as healthy as we can.

Wishing you and your family all the best!”

Sincerely, Mary Bown (Healthy Living School® Student)

group of middle-aged women practicing yoga

“Hi Dr. Ann!

Yes I love all of the courses I have taken by you. I am definitely not perfect but feel I eat pretty well and your courses help me stay on track. I especially love the Monday messages and find that it is a really good way to learn something new each week. 

Thanks for all that you do!


Rebecca Wilder (Healthy Living School® Student)

apples berries flavonol-rich foods

“I’m thankful to have learned so much from listening to Dr. Ann. I know our family has benefited, especially my 7-year-old daughter, Serenity.

While in the kitchen recently and having a conversation with my husband about sugar, Serenity says, “Mom, remember what Dr. Ann says about our daily intake of sugar in foods, especially cereals, etc.! “I looked at my husband, with a surprised look, and said, “Did she just say ‘Dr. Ann’?!” He said, “Yes!”

I just wanted to say, Dr. Ann, thanks for being a household name in our family and helping us to be healthy!” – Stephanie (Health Conference Attendee)

Eat More Kale Looking Up“Dr. Ann,

Just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your class.  There is information that I already knew regarding the topics you discussed but the way you presented them made a huge impact on how I should actually look at what these products really bring to the table.  When I went home, I told my husband all about it.

When you said…”if you really know what these fruits and vegetables can offer to your system…”, that’s what changed for me.  Realizing what are the good things to eat that give you the biggest bang and what to avoid that defeats having a healthy body.

I also enjoy your weekly “Make It Happen Monday” emails too.  I have been able to pull a lot of great information and watching your videos helps to see how easy it is to make these great foods to keep you healthy.

I am not able to make it to your retreat this year but hope to next year.  You are very inspiring and I want to thank you for all that you offer.” – Lyanna Lindgren (Healthy Living School Student)

093B8289“Dr. Ann,

You did a remarkable job last night – and we were super pleased with the event.  Attendance was very strong (the perfect audience for our health system!), and we had so many positive comments as people were arriving (I talked to several ladies beforehand who have heard you speak multiple times) and on the way out.  Your passion for wellness and prevention is so inspiring.



PS – I made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home to get the Kefir – and loved it with a light drizzle of honey. Thanks for the tip!” (Roper St. Francis Healthcare)

speaking smiling small copy“Love the yogurt Monday video. You have been the greatest help in my 70 lb loss. I have your grocery guide. No diet plan but portions and better foods consumed. My quest is to 150 lbs. 15 to go.” – Jim Renneker (Healthy Living School® Student)

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.35.58 AM“I just wanted to thank you for the courses.  I love them and appreciate you doing these.  I have learned so much and make most of the food items and recipes you show. Thanks, thanks, thanks!” – Vicki Schroeder (Healthy Living School® Student)

IMG_8337The day with Dr. Ann was off the charts fun and educational……the only down-side was leaving!

So much information, so much passion for living a healthy life, so much love for what she does……all of this and more describes Dr Ann…..the day was so much more than anticipated…..

My sister and I both decided a week-end would have been better 🙂

We hope to come again…..there is NO WAY to fully comprehend all the info Dr Ann disseminates in 1 day!

We came right home and got collards and made a salad!!!  Loved it all….. Enjoy the day!” – Karen Franklin, (Retreat Attendee)093B8267

I am soooo excited about the grocery guide you are including with this book!! We live in Upstate ny and After seeing you at Water Mission while we were visiting our son in Charleston, we have become even more health conscience. I especially love to hear how eating affects the body at the cellular level. You mentioned kefir at the Water Mission talk and at the time we knew nothing about it. Since then we have started to make our own kefir and it is growing like “block-busters”. If you were closer, I would share some milk grains with you! 🙂 Thank you for what you did for Water Mission as it is a living testimony of your commitment to good health both locally and on the global scale!!

God Bless” – Terri Herr (Audience Member)


“Dr. Ann,

Thanks so much for the very informative and passionate presentation you put together for all the attendees at your retreat, including my wife Diana and her friend Deb. They both remarked that it went WAY beyond a “nutrition cooking class.”

I will be reading your books and know that they will inspire me to stay on the path of nutrition and exercise to maintain my wellness lifestyle.

….Hopefully soon you could put together a stay over for couples package at your beautiful Plantation…we would be in!

Again…nice work….keep up the good fight!


Jim Closs  (Husband of Retreat Attendee)


“I can’t believe the difference between what I ate for breakfast BEFORE Dr. Ann’s Wellness Retreat and what I (and my kids) ate for breakfast the morning AFTER Dr. Ann’s Wellness Retreat!  Wow!  Thank you so much for the wonderful day and all the tools I need to get healthy.” Fondly, Lynn Joye (Retreat Attendee)


“Thank you, Dr. Ann!  This is good reinforcement regarding Charles’ issues.  We so enjoyed the retreat and came home with a renewed commitment to stay the course!  Dr. Ann is certainly a wealth of information and the personal sharing was so very special.  We cannot express enough how much that day meant to both of us.”  – Kay Truluck (Retreat Attendee)

093B8166“Dr. Ann,

Thank you for last Friday. You pissed me off then scared the hell outa me but then blessed us with the way forward.

Along with the prostate cancer I was then diagnosed with depression, and then anemia. A friend with Parkinson’s met with a female geriatric Psychiatrist @ MUSC 3 weeks ago and was told he had apathy, Dr. said, “you just don’t give a shit!”

I had gotten to that point, assuming my cancer would come back in a couple years, then fight it a couple years then die. APATHY!

Our Lord apparently has other plans and that’s how we crossed paths. Thank you. I always thank First Responders and Military when I see them, so I thank you with the same mindset.

Also, thanks for the prostate literature. I’ve lost 4 lbs already. I’ll to a testimony next fall.

Keep on blessing folks,”

Ed Jackson (Retreat Attendee)


The retreat was truly a joyful experience and very motivational for me.  I am optimistic that the information that you provided will help me on my journey to good health.  I also enjoyed seeing Plum Hill and feel that it is a wonderful venue for your retreats.  The food was delicious  and the event was a great way to spend a day off work!  I would like the lunch recipes and also the notes for your weigh less for life plan. Thanks,” Donna Lyons (Retreat Attendee)

IMG_5748“Dr. Ann,

I truly enjoyed and valued the time at that setting, in your special place, with a small group.  I am 81, but I forget that feeling or thinking younger. But I want to relax with my dear to enjoy our days knowing each one is special. However, I gained so much from your lecture about the importance of the “gut” to our entire wellness and plan to incorporate this eating gently into our daily eating enjoyment.  I thank you for the why we need to do that.

It was wonderful to have Lucy there to walk us through the garden and then enjoy her delicious lunch fresh from her garden. It was all good and I am spreading the word. I am so thrilled Elizabeth and I had that day with you in the midst of the ACE Basin.”

Mary Jane (Retreat Attendee)


“Dr. Ann,

Last March you spoke at the Life Cycle Engineering “Leadership Summit” and the timing could not have been better.  The previous week I had weighed myself and realized that I  gained 10 pounds when I needed to lose 10.  I hit a low point and decided to do something about it after reading your books.  

Through improved nutrition (biggest part) and exercise – I lost 50 pounds over the past 50 weeks.  I also lost 6 inches around my waist, 8 inches around my stomach, 1.5 inches around my neck, and my ring size went from an 11.5 to a 9.5.

Today I celebrated by running 6 miles.  Thank you for equipping me with the information to achieve better health!  Attached is a before and after.”

Best Regards, Robert E. Bendetti, Jr. CPA (CFA Life Cycle Engineering)

“Thank you so much Dr. Ann! It was an awesome experience, especially your garden and cooking with you in your own kitchen. You did a great job during the info sessions of packing in a lot of material without overwhelming…I learned a lot about better ways to present material to my patients. I have even more confidence moving forward about the information I am giving out knowing that an M.D. like you wholeheartedly believes in, practices, and preaches the same…I have already read through all of the books and materials you gave us haha. You do a great job of explaining difficult and complex science in a way that people can understand, but also then take the more important step of applying it day to day. Those “Secrets” to success are absolutely KEY and I plan on showing that YouTube clip in my class along with Peggy’s story…So thankful my mom signed us up for this and would recommend that anyone trying to optimize their health make every effort to sign up too!” –Christie G 

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