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July 2, 2017 •

Eat Right for Life Seminar

Half Day Seminar Schoolhouse Program 22



Dr. Ann, I attended your half-day seminar at The Schoolhouse this past Saturday.  It was wonderful.  Just wanted to let you know that your teaching and insight into health and wellness has brought me “back to life”… You have been a Godsend.  My diet has always been good but needed to be better. through your wisdom, I now feel like a new person.  I had a great awakening when you talked about knowing the why behind what we eat.  Knowing the Why has made all the difference. You are the absolute best at delivering the science behind wellness that I have ever heard.  – Blake H.

Our lives have been REVOLUTIONIZED by being with you.  Your presentation empowered us and motivated us to eat SO differently.  We feel better and Jim has lost fifteen pounds while we have been eating out for five weeks on the road. Thank you, Dr Ann. – Susan M.

“Dr Ann- I really enjoyed the seminar immensely and am trying to implement this new way of eating into my family regiment.  You are a tremendous speaker and I enjoyed every minute.  I have been talking about you ever since I got home so if your ears are burning, it definitely is because of me.  Again, enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed your seminar and highly recommend it to anyone of all ages.” – Elaine T.  Charleston, SC

“Presentation was A+.  I could have stayed with you all day! It was wonderful.” – Nancy D.

“The seminar was fabulous.  You present the information in a realistic manner.  You are not overly preachy or condescending.  Your information is based on scientific facts not the latest trends and/or fads.  You are truly passionate about your factual information.”   – Amelia G. Elgin, SC

“It was an awesome presentation.  Your passion in what you believe transcends to everyone who attends a seminar.  I’ve made changes and will continue to incorporate more of them into my life for not only my benefit but for those I love.” – Marcia P. Charleston, SC

“I have been a follower of your wisdom since your 10-step book came out, and enjoy the monthly e-newsletter immensely. However, I believe the seminar in your home brought all the information to life in a whole new way. Your lively, energetic presentation and warm hospitality were a winning combination. I appreciate so much the books and take-home cliff-notes, which I enthusiastically shared with my husband. He went straight to the store to buy some kale!

Thank you again for one of the most informative, exciting presentations I’ve ever attended! Very best wishes to you and your family for the holidays. – Sara Beardsley

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