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June 8, 2012 • Kids Health

Kids Health – News Headlines

  • In a study involving 559 teens, the more fructose (a component of sugary foods and beverages) they consumed, the higher their blood pressure and fasting blood sugar, and the lower their HDL (good) cholesterol. These finding were most marked in teens with excess belly fat. (Journal of Nutrition, February 2012)
  • In a study that sought to evaluate the most effective means for parents to help an overweight child lose weight, investigators determined that the single most effective intervention was having the parent lose weight. In fact, parental weight loss was the only significant predictor of a child’s weight loss. (Obesity online, March 2012)
  • In an evaluation involving 138 school-age kids, participating in physical activity just prior to a 50 minute exam session significantly enhanced both attention and concentration. (Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, March 2012)


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