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July 14, 2020 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Meal Timing Matters

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Do you eat your dinner late at night? If yes, you would be wise to dine earlier. In one of the most detailed studies to date, scientists found that consuming a later dinner leads to significantly higher blood sugar levels as well as less fat burning during the night.
For this evaluation scientists carefully monitored the metabolic function of 20 healthy young adults, half women and half men, after they consumed a meal at 10 pm and then an identical meal on a second occasion at 6 pm. Relative to the earlier meal, blood sugar levels were 18 percent higher after the 10 pm meal. What’s more, fat-burning over the night was reduced by 10 percent with the late-night meal. The scientists speculate that individuals with preexisting metabolic dysfunction, such as those who are overweight and/or have prediabetes or diabetes would likely exhibit even more deranged results.
This study adds to many before it showing that when we eat matters and that the later we eat the worse it is for metabolic health and weight control. Strive to consume your last meal or snack before the sun goes down.
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