Dr. Ann

Travel means dining out and dining out comes with a host of forces that can work against you on the wellness front. Take advantage of the following guiding principles to transform this high risk eating endeavor into one that provides sensory pleasure without sacrificing your health or sabotaging your waistline. Eat out, but eat smart […]

August 22, 2012 • Healthy Living

Dangers of Fast Food

In addition to solid evidence that eating fast food promotes weight gain and obesity, it appears this infamous form of industrial food may also dramatically boost the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. For this new study, University of Minnesota researchers followed the dietary habits of 52,000 Singapore residents over a 16 year […]

When dining out, there are a couple foods you should absolutely AVOID to make sure you are eating the healthiest. You should really try to stay away from these foods: Fried foods (fries, fish sandwiches, fried chicken) Oversized portions Full fat salad dressings Biscuits Sugar-fortified beverages (cola, sweet tea) Anything with cheese on it Instead, […]