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May 7, 2018 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

The Top Five Nutritional No No’s

  1. Taking in any amount of trans fats. Science knows no safe level of intake for this truly “toxic” form of fat. Strictly avoid all processed foods that list “partially hydrogenated oil” in their ingredients list.
  2. Eating “ultra-palatable” foods with any regularity. Foods high in fat and/or sugar and salt can directly stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers predisposing to food addiction and chronic loss of appetite control. The worst offenders are traditional fast foods, along with ice cream, cookies, pastries, cake, donuts, and other sweets/desserts.
  3. Using fat-free salad dressings. Most are excessive in sugar, but even worse, because they contain no fat, you will not absorb any of the life-giving, disease-busting family of carotenoid nutrients that salad veggies like lettuce greens, carrots, and tomatoes are famous for. Make your own extra virgin olive oil vinaigrettes for best results.
  4. Eating processed red meats. On the cancer front, science knows no safe level of intake for processed red meats. Processed red meats include bacon, sausage, bologna, ham, pastrami, etc. Processed red meats are a “convincing” cause of colorectal cancer.
  5. Eating a carbohydrate food that does not contain fiber. Fiber-less carb foods—typically the “Great White Hazards” like white rice, white potatoes, white flour products, and sugar/sweets—are a recipe for weight gain, appetite stimulation, and poor cardiometabolic health. Avoid these notorious carbs by living by The Golden Rule for Better Nutrition “Never Eat a Carb Food That Does Not Contain Fiber.”

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