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August 17, 2010 • Healthy Living, Weight Control

Weight Loss Supplements

In a first-of-its-kind evaluation presented at the International Congress on Obesity, German researchers evaluated 9 popular over-the-counter weight loss products to see if they were effective.  In this double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial (the most accurate type of study), NONE of the supplements were any more effective than the placebo (dummy pills).

In a second similar report presented at the same conference, U.K. scientists conducted the first thorough review of all existing clinical trials on 9 different herbal or nutrient-based weight loss supplements.  According to the lead investigator, “we found no evidence that any of these food or herbal supplements is an adequate treatment for reducing body weight. Those included in this evaluation were: chromium, Ephedra, calcium, CLA, green tea, bitter orange, guar gum and glucomannan.

Americans are currently flushing $1.6 billion dollars down the toilet a year buying these worthless weight loss agents.

The secret to success for weight loss is… no big secret!  It requires eating the right foods and getting the right amounts of physical activity.  That’s also the proven prescription for being healthy.