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June 23, 2022 •

Why The Way You Breathe Matters

woman breathes through her nose using proper breathing techniques

Have you ever wondered how to breathe? Breathing is an action our bodies perform without conscious thought. What would happen if you brought your awareness to the way you inhale and exhale? Scientists have discovered what many of you have intuited: mouth breathing is bad for you. Here’s the latest on breathing techniques that can improve your health immediately.

The top thing you can do to optimize your breathing is to take your inhalations through your nose, not your mouth. Sadly, the breathing scientists report that 90% of the population does not have optimal breathing. And 50% of the population breathing through their mouths most of the time – yikes!

Our mouths are intended to be a backup when nasal breathing is impossible, like during speaking, or when our nasal passages are obstructed perhaps due to a cold, for example.

Why is it so important to use your nose as the primary point of entry for the air you breath?

The reasons are myriad!

First, when we breath via the nose, the air we take in gets warmed, moistened, filtered or cleaned thanks to the anatomy and unique lining cells of our nasal passages. And it’s not a straight shot! There are lots of tunnels and troughs in there! 

This warming, moistening and cleaning boosts the amount of oxygen your lungs can extract from that air and protects your lungs and body from pollutants and infectious microbes in the air you breath.

What’s more, the air gets pressurized which ultimately helps maintain a more open, sturdy, and strong nasopharynx, which helps you avoid or even improve sleep apnea.

But the most exciting thing is how nasal versus mouth breathing positively impacts our hormones and biochemistry, which translates to the following glorious benefits for you:

Bottom line: The difference in what happens to the air, our hormones and biochemicals when we breath through the noses versus the mouth is like night and day!

So, please, shut your mouth! It’s as simple as that. You can even put a small piece of tape across your lips as a gentle reminder to keep them closed. I still do this every night and I can vouch for how life-changing it really is.

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