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March 29, 2021 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Healthy Living

5 Starch Staples That Are Always in My Cupboards


  • Steel Cut Oats (I love the Coach’s Oats  “cracked and toasted” brand in a large bag from Costco)
  • Black Rice (I buy the large bag of Village Harvest brand, or whatever offered, from Costco)
  • Quinoa (I buy the large bag of Organic Quinoa from Costco)
  • Basmati Brown Rice (Organic 10 lb. bag from Costco)
  • Dried Lentils (Any standard grocer brand)

All of these starches are superstar foods and amongst the cheapest foods per serving on the grocery shelves (which totally blows the cover off the myth that healthy eating costs more!). Make these great-for-you starches a permanent fixture in your cupboards because if you do, you are more likely to cook and eat them!

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