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October 15, 2018 • Weight Control

Beans Score for Appetite Control

Appetite control is the Holy Grail for weight control and beans prove to be a winning food for keeping hunger at bay. In a systematic review of all available clinical trials, scientists concluded that people felt about 31% fuller after eating an average of 160 grams of beans (a bit more than ¾ a cup) relative to a bean-free control diet.

A salad consisting of farro, garbanzo beans, bell peppers, and spring onions served with olive oil on wooden table- healthy vegan eating concpet

These results are not surprising given that beans are home to a number of hunger-quieting features including:

  • More fiber than any other food group. (Fiber fills us up for zero calories, in addition to fighting fat through several additional pathways.)
  • Lots of lean protein. (Protein is Mother Nature’s diet pill – keeping hunger at bay longer than any other nutrient.)
  • A big dose of difficult-to-digest, “low-glycemic” carbohydrate. (Low-glycemic carbs safeguard against sudden drops in blood sugar that incite hunger.)

Vegetarian Bean soup in cooking pot with ladle on dark rustic background, top view, close up, place for text. Mexican cuisine

Beans can also be celebrated for their megawatt nutritional firepower. They are exploding with key nutrients. Strive to include them in your diet daily.
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