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March 15, 2013 • Kids Health

Boost Your Child’s IQ with These 3 Strategies

In an attempt to evaluate the scientific efficacy of various interventions to boost intelligence in young children, researchers recently identified three effective strategies. For this evaluation intelligence experts did a comprehensive review of the best published studies. They noted the following IQ boosters:

  1. Supplementing the diets of pregnant women and newborns with omega 3 supplements and/or omega 3 rich foods. This increased IQ more than 3.5 points.
  2. Enrolling in preschool. This boosted IQ 4+ points and if the program included “language development,” IQ rose by more than 7 points.
  3. Interactive reading between parent and child. For children 4 or under, this increased IQ by 6+ points.


(Perspectives on Psychological Science, January 2013)