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August 5, 2015 • Diabetes, Kids Health

Even a Little Soda May Boost Diabetes Risk

sodaIf you think it’s safe to drink just one soda a day, think again. In a powerful new analysis published in theBritish Medical Journal, scientist noted that even a single daily serving of a sugary beverage was tied to a significant boost in type 2 diabetes risk, even in lean and skinny folks. For this evaluation, the researchers pooled the results of 17 formerly published studies (none with industry ties!), including over 38,200 study subjects. The analysis revealed that for every single daily serving of a sugary beverage consumed, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increased by 13 percent over 10 years, regardless of weight status. When the impact of weight gain was included in the analysis, the risk jumped to 18 percent per single daily serving. And don’t reach for fruit juice or diet beverages as a “safe” alternative. The same analysis found a 7 and 18 percent higher risk, respectively, for developing diabetes for these popular beverage alternatives.

Instead, do what human beings did for the previous 99.9 percent of the time we roamed on this earth-simply drink water! (July 22, 2015, BMJ, online)