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December 8, 2011 • Heart Health

Fruits and Veggies for Heart Health

In one of the biggest studies ever conducted to examine the influence diet has on genes that boost the risk of heart disease – we have some heart-warming good news! In an analysis of 27,000 individuals from five different ethnicities, those consuming lots of plant foods were able to totally negate the harmful effects of a powerful gene known to increase the risk of heart attacks. The gene is called the 9p21 gene, and in this evaluation study subjects who had the gene were no more likely to have heart attacks than study subjects who were free of the 9p21 gene if they consumed an abundance of raw vegetables (go salads!), fresh fruit, and fresh or frozen berries. (PloS Medicine, October 2011 )

This adds to a growing pile of studies affirming that genes are not destiny! Healthy eating can shut off the impact of bad genes – yeehaw!


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