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November 24, 2014 • Healthy Living, Heart Health

Healthy Living Can Prevent 4 Out of 5 Heart Attacks

heart liftingIn a remarkable testament to the personal power we all hold to control our health destiny, scientists recently determined that four out of five heart attacks could be prevented by healthy living. For this study, researchers carefully followed the diets and lifestyle practices of 20,721 Swedish men between the ages of 45-79 over an 11-year study period. Study subjects who engaged in any one of the following practices-maintaining a normal waist circumference, consuming a healthy dietexercising regularly, and avoiding tobacco-significantly reduced their heart attack risk. But study subjects who adhered to all four of the healthy habits slashed their risk of a coronary event by 86%! Even those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol had similarly astounding risk reduction when living by these four healthy tenets. The researchers themselves were even surprised by  “how drastically the risk dropped” due to these factors.

Although it is always best to adopt healthy habits early in life, it is never too late to take advantage of the unrivaled life-giving and life-saving power healthy living affords. (Journal of the American College of Cardiology  September, 2014)