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December 13, 2013 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Healthy Living

Nuts Score Huge Health Victory

In the largest and most carefully conducted study of its kind to date, people who ate a daily serving of nuts were 20 percent less likely to die of any cause over the next 30 years vs. those who didn’t eat nuts. This landmark evaluation included over 118,000 US adults and was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. Although eating nuts was tied to a lower risk of dying from any disease, the greatest protection was for heart-related deaths at 29 percent. The researchers also noted that regular nut eaters were leaner than their non-nut eating study counterparts, which is consistent with loads of previous studies. All types of nuts, including tree nuts and peanuts provided comparable protection, so enjoy them all.  Just be sure to include some form of nuts in your diet each day. ( New England Journal of Medicine, 2013; 369(21))