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May 20, 2019 • Healthy Living

Seven Reasons to Ditch Your Diet Drinks


Diet soda, better known as a “science experiment in a can,” has ZERO nutritionally redeeming values and a growing list of strikes against it on the health front. I urge you to wise up and ditch the habit. Here are seven science-based reasons to dump the diet drinks forever.

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Over the past decade, the scientific evidence linking diet soda to adverse health outcomes has been progressively mounting.  Here are seven reasons to Just Say No to all of them:

  1. Kidney Disease– One study found that drinking two servings of diet cola a day more than doubled the risk of chronic kidney disease (Epidemiology, July 2007).
  2. Metabolic Syndrome– In the famed Framingham study, drinking more than just one diet soda daily was associated with a 50-60% increase in the risk of developing metabolic syndrome (Circulation, July 2007).
  3. Heart Attacks and Strokes– A study involving over 2,500 older adults noted a 44% higher risk of heart attacks and strokes in those who drank diet soda daily (Journal of General Internal Medicine, February 2012).
  4. Premature Birth– One study noted a 38% boost in pre-term delivery in women consuming at least one serving of diet soda a day (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, July 2010).
  5. Weight Gain– An evaluation involving over 1,500 American adults found that drinking 1-2 cans of diet soda a day was tied to a 54% increase in the risk of becoming overweight or obese (The Annual Meeting of the American Diabetes Association, San Diego, California, June 2005).  A second report noted a 500% increase in belly size over a ten year period in those consuming two or more cans of diet soda a day.
  6. Depression– According to a recent report from The American Academy of Neurology, four or more cans of diet soda daily was linked to a 30% higher risk of depression.
  7. Dental Erosion– The acidity in diet sodas has been shown to erode tooth enamel.

We know for sure that drinking diet drinks exploits our taste bud’s affinity for sweetness and likely propagates a sweet tooth. Lastly, if you are a parent, grandparent, or in some way work around children or teens, drinking diet sodas is BAD ROLE MODELING!

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