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October 20, 2016 • Heart Health

Slash Your Risk of Cardiac Death

prevent cardiac death
Want to dramatically lower your risk of dying from a cardiac event? Get fit! Movement is remarkably good for the heart. Following a recent study,* scientists concluded that fitness appears to slash the risk of cardiac death.
For the evaluation, scientists carefully measured the fitness of over 55,000 Americans and followed their health status onward for up to 14 years. Relative to study subjects with low fitness, study subjects with moderate to high fitness were 44 to 48 percent less likely to suffer a deadly cardiac event. Even more remarkable, the benefits of fitness for those with obesity and high blood pressure were even greater! For obese or hypertensive subjects, being moderately-to-very fit reduced cardiac death risk by 58 to 72 percent.
I remain awed by the sensational power of movement to protect the health of the cardiovascular system as well as other parts of the body. If you have not already discovered the joys and treasures of staying active and fit, I hope this study gets you moving. Fitness really is the proverbial fountain of youth!
fitness cardiac health
This year, in addition to my running, spinning, and swimming, yoga has become another treasured form of movement for me. The physical benefits are phenomenal, but what I most love about it is how peaceful I feel after practicing. I encourage everyone to give it a shot! For more healthy lifestyle guidance, download one of my Live Life Guides here!
*(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, (104:3), September 2016)