Dr. Ann

Breakfast skippers take note—missing this morning meal may harm your arteries and fatten up your waistline. In a study that monitored the breakfast eating habits of over 4,000 subjects free of heart disease or diabetes, researchers found a clear association between missing or skimping on breakfast and early markers for heart disease and diabetes. Based […]

Want an easy way to reduce your food cravings? Eat your breakfast and make sure it is rich in protein! In a clinical trial that set out to determine if eating breakfast could modulate food cravings, scientist have some encouraging news. Relative to skipping breakfast, study subjects who ate breakfast experienced less intense cravings for high-risk sugary […]

Consuming breakfast with a nice dose of protein may be a powerful strategy to help us eat less, especially later in the day. In a novel study conducted in a group of overweight young adults who regularly skipped breakfast, researchers found that including a protein-rich breakfast reduced appetite throughout the day and decreased evening snacking. For the […]