Dr. Ann

According to an uplifting study that puts a healthy spin on “mind over matter,” simply ‘thinking’ of yourself as a healthy eater can make it a reality. For this study scientists were interested in testing the concept of ‘self as doer’, which links personal identity with behaviors. Meaning, the more a person mentally identifies himself […]

If you want to eat healthier, make a plan and picture yourself doing so.  Researchers recently found that study subjects who “mentally rehearsed” the action plan of how they were going to buy, prepare and eat a healthy food doubled their consumption of it versus those who didn’t plan and visualize. As many fruits and […]

Ring in the New Year and the dawn of a new decade with a renewed commitment to take charge of your health! Here are my top 5 picks for healthy eating tips for wellness. Go nuts.  Include a small handful of nuts (about 1 oz) in your diet each day.  These delectable morsels of good […]