Dr. Ann

The New Year offers a sensational opportunity to harness the unrivaled goodness and power of healthy living. Here are 10 easy, delicious and totally-doable New Year’s resolutions that come with a science-backed guarantee to guard and improve your health and vitality. Enjoy a handful (about 1 ounce) of any variety of nuts (raw or roasted) […]

Want a super-simple way to decidedly boost your chances of succeeding with your New Year’s resolutions? Ask don’t tell! According to a study encompassing the most comprehensive look at what is known as the “question-behavior effect,” simply rephrasing your resolutions in the form of a personal question versus a declarative statement can be game-changing. For example, […]

Ring in the New Year and the dawn of a new decade with a renewed commitment to take charge of your health!  Here are my top 5 picks for healthy eating resolutions.   Go nuts.  Include a small handful of nuts (about 1 oz) in your diet each day.  These delectable morsels of good health […]