Dr. Ann

With over 20 years of experience as the nutritional gate-keeper for my husband and 4 children, I have mastered the science of health by stealth.  Here are my favorite ways to sneak better nutrition into my family’s lives with simple switcheroos:   100% spreadable fruit for regular jelly/jams Part-skim or 2% cheeses for full-fat varieties […]

Plain yogurt is a superstar food and a staple in my families’ refrigerator. My 16 year old daughter, chef Lucie, has become obsessed with making things from scratch and was blown over by how easy it was for her to make “homemade” plain yogurt. And the rest of us were blown over by how divine […]

I consider plain yogurt an exceptionally good-for-you-food and encourage you to make your own. The taste and texture of homemade yogurt is sublime and it is as easy to make as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! (At least according to my daughter Lucie who is the yogurt maker in my home.) Here is how […]