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July 21, 2018 • Brain Health

Tea for Brain Health

The super potent antioxidant found in freshly brewed tea, EGCG, scored another scientific victory, this time on the brain-boosting front. In a series of lab experiments, scientists found that EGCG stimulated the growth of new brain cells and improved learning and memory in lab mice. Past studies in humans have shown a relationship between regular consumption of freshly brewed tea and superior cognitive health along with a slew of other health benefits, so I encourage you to drink up regularly!


To maximize the goodness you can get from your tea, choose green or white (they have the most EGCG) and steep your tea for at least 3 minutes. Avoid added milk or cream, as studies have shown they bind tea’s beneficial compounds rendering them unavailable to work their antioxidant magic for the body. Do add a twist of lemon or lime though. One study found that the vitamin C in citrus enhances the absorption of tea’s antioxidants up to three-fold! (Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, Sept 2012)

Diet has a profound impact on the structure, function, and health of our brains. In addition to tea, here are 5 foods your brain loves and why. Click to read!

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