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August 10, 2020 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Veggies That  Are “Hip” for Your Joints

An evaluation undertaken to assess the impact of diet patterns on the development of hip arthritis found fruits and vegetables were generally protective with the allium group of veggies showing the most effectiveness. The study included a careful assessment of the dietary habits of over 1,000 subjects along with x-ray analysis of their joints.

The allium family of veggies includes garlic, onions, scallions, leeks, and shallots.  I include this flavorful bunch in my diet daily and enjoy every bite.  They are also scientific standouts for cancer protection and feeding the good bacteria in your gut.


(BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders,20010;11[1])

Speaking of healthy bodies, did you know prunes are a superstar for bone health?

Dried plums - prunes in the bowl

No bones about it – dried plums (prunes) have emerged as an exceptional food for bone health. Researchers reported that dried plums contain compounds that act as powerful suppressors of bone resorption. Bone resorption occurs as we age and contributes to osteoporosis. The lead scientist has tested numerous fruits over his career and reports that none of them begin to compare with the benefits on bone density that dried plums provide.

(British Journal of Nutrition, August 2011)


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