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June 17, 2019 • Healthy Living, Weight Control

4 “Essential” Strategies for Weight Control That Most People Don’t Know

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Although life-long success with weight control requires regular physical activity and eating a healthy diet, there is more to the story. Science has uncovered some additional key facets that, in my experience, most people are in the dark about.

  1. Getting quality sleep (7-8 hours a night). Sleep deprivation quickly disrupts metabolic function and boosts appetite and cravings for risky foods.
  2. Keeping alcohol intake low. Liquid calories are uniquely fattening and alcohol compounds things by driving appetite and loss of self-control around food and disrupting quality sleep.
  3. Avoiding prolonged sitting. Sitting continuously for long periods of time (think work, TV, and commuting) is arguably the quickest way to trash your metabolic function. Weight control is largely impossible without normal metabolic function.
  4. Avoiding “mindless” eating. Being fully aware and present during eating is paramount for appetite control and safeguarding against overindulging. Eating mindlessly and in the presence of distractions, especially watching TV has been shown to dramatically increase calorie intake—in some studies up to 50%!

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