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June 17, 2019 • Heart Health

Omega 3 Fats Benefit Blood Pressure


In an uplifting report that adds to the well-deserved and glowing reputation of omega- 3 fats for heart health, scientists determined that increasing our intake of these precious and vital fats helps lower blood pressure. The analysis combined the data from 70 formally published clinical trials and found that study subjects who increased their intakes of the long-chained omega 3 fats (DHA and EPA), with either foods or supplements, reduced their blood pressure on par, or even better, than other blood pressure-lowering lifestyle changes.  Notably, study subjects with uncontrolled high blood pressure received the greatest benefits.

To take full advantage of these heart-healthy fats, strive to consume at least 3 servings of oily fish (wild salmon the best) weekly.  If this is not possible for you, consider taking a high quality fish oil supplement. I prefer the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega brand (always check with your healthcare provider before taking any supplements).

American Journal of Hypertension, online, March 2014.

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