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September 2, 2015 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Weight Control

4 Tips to Help You Indulge in White Potatoes Without the Guilt

Normally, white potatoes are on my list of forbidden foods because of their high glycemic response (which means they send your glucose levels up high and fast because of their rapid and easy digestibility). If you have a craving for them, here are 4 simple strategies that you can use to turn this high glycemic starch into a much lower glycemic option.

  1. Choose baby “new” potatoes. The starch structure of new potatoes is different from larger, mature potatoes and has a lower glycemic response.
  2. Eat the skin too. The fiber in potato skin lowers the potato’s glycemic response by slowing the digestion and absorption of the potato starch. (The skin is also where most of the potato’s antioxidants and nutrients are!)
  3. Refrigerate the potatoes for 24 hours or longer before eating them. After cooling, the potato’s starch structure changes resulting in slower digestion and thus a lower glycemic response. You can eat them cold (think potato salad) or reheat them.
  4. Combine the potatoes with some healthy fat (olive oil) and/or lemon juice or vinegar. Fats and acids (like lemon and vinegar) slow down the digestion of starch.

A German potato salad made with new potatoes, including the skin, takes advantage of all 4 of these tips and is a great way to enjoy white potatoes without wrecking your waistline and metabolic health. Here is a delicious recipe for my favorite German potato salad.