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July 6, 2020 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Healthy Living

A Healthy Diet for Beautiful Skin

In an “enlightening” scientific study, scientists found that people much prefer the golden glow imparted by eating lots of carotenoid-rich vegetables versus sun-tanned skin.  It is well-known that the yellow/orange/red carotenoid pigments found in produce like sweet potatoes, carrots and tomatoes can build up in your skin if you eat them regularly.

sweet potatoes

In this particular study that took place in the “Perception Lab” of the University of Nottingham, study subjects who viewed various facial photos found the “vegetable tan” more attractive and “healthier-appearing” than the skin pigmentation caused from sun exposure.

As an additional bonus, we also know these same bronzing pigments provide significant protection from the ravages of too much sun exposure.  In other words, you really can eat your SPF too.  It can take a few months of diligent consumption to get the glow, but I encourage you to strive for it.


Here are the foods that contain the most carotenoids:


Orange/yellow/red bell peppers


Collard greens


Acorn squash

Sweet potatoes



Tomatoes (especially canned tomatoes)

* The orange hues from the carotenoids in collards, kale and spinach are masked by their leaves rich supply of green chlorophyll.

Watch my “Super Foods for Skin” video if you want to see my golden glow!

Quality sleep is also great for quality skin…make sure yours is the best it can be!

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