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July 8, 2020 • Weight Control

Better Appetite Control with More Protein at Breakfast

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Science consistently shows that regular breakfast-skippers tend to weigh more and snack more often on unhealthy foods and a study sheds some fresh light on what may underlie these observations. Researchers took a group of teens who rarely ate breakfast and put them on one of three different breakfast regimens – no breakfast, a normal protein breakfast, and a high protein breakfast. Those consuming both the normal protein and high protein breakfasts experienced less hunger and ate less over the course of the entire day, but enhanced satiety was especially apparent in the high protein group. Those consuming the high protein breakfast ate 200 less calories during the evening hours. Detailed images of the study subject’s brains revealed that the protein-rich breakfast reduced hunger signals coming from the brain throughout the day.


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 (Institute of Food Technologies Annual Meeting 2012)