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January 9, 2019 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Dark Chocolate – 12 Reasons I Adore It

dark chocolate2

I recently reviewed all of the studies I had in my files related to dark chocolate, and I am happy to report the following science-based health benefits:

  1. Enhances blood flow, including blood flow to the heart and brain
  2. Lowers blood pressure
  3. Improves the function and health of blood vessels
  4. Lowers triglycerides
  5. Raises HDL (good) cholesterol levels
  6. Lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol levels
  7. Reduces inflammation
  8. Improves the action of the hormone insulin (which means better blood sugar metabolism)
  9. Enhances cognitive function
  10. Lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes
  11. Improves longevity
  12. Lifts mood and boosts energy

My best advice is to include a small portion – up to ½ oz of the highest cacao your palate enjoys. The higher the cacao levels the more beneficial antioxidants it contains. 1-2 squares from a large dark chocolate bar of 72% or higher cacao is fantastic. I always include 1-2 squares of Ghirardelli® 86% dark chocolate after my lunch.


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