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November 13, 2018 • Brain Health, Healthy Living

Fast Food Linked to Depression

Past studies have strongly linked fast food to weight gain, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, and based on this evaluation it seems we may also need to add depression to this list.

adult-art-conceptual-depression_dark_sadIn a long-term study that involved over 8,500 study subjects, those who consumed the most fast food (hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza) were 51% more likely to develop depression vs. those who rarely or never ate fast food. And there was a direct dose-response relationship: the more fast food the higher the risk, which adds to the likelihood that this could be a direct cause and effect relationship.

As further motivation to keep fast food out of your and your loved ones’ lives- bear in mind that this exceedingly high-risk fare houses virtually every single feature scientists have identified that in one way or another leads to overeating. I NEVER eat traditional fast food! (Public Health Nutrition 15:3, 2012)

The great news is there are so many amazing options for filling up with delicious, nutritious, brain-boosting foods. You need not turn to industrially processed varieties!

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