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March 16, 2012 • Healthy Living

Where Trans Fats Still Hide in the Grocery Store

Thanks to new labeling regulations passed in 2006, those terribly unhealthy trans fats have made a rapid exodus from the American food supply. But their departure has not been 100 percent, and sadly, they are still lurking in some processed foods. Based on my most recent scrutiny of food labels, this man-made toxic form of fat still hides in many of the following food items: frozen pizza, cookies, pie crusts, microwave popcorn, stick margarine, cake mixes and frostings, pancake and waffle mixes, frozen dinners, refrigerated and frozen desserts, refrigerated biscuit and pastry dough, and frozen breaded fish and chicken products. If you plan to purchase any of these foods, be sure to scan its nutritional facts box for “trans fats,” and get rid of it quick if any number other than “0” is listed!


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