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April 15, 2019 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Health Benefits of Freshly Brewed Tea vs. Bottled Varieties

Based on the studies I have reviewed over the years, I remain wildly enthusiastic about the healthful goodness in tea.  Confirming what I intuitively felt to be the case, scientists concluded that bottled teas are essentially worthless from a health standpoint even though people pay lots of money for them (to the tune of 1 billion dollars yearly here in the US).

tea brewing health table

In this first systematic evaluation of the levels of beneficial antioxidants (polyphenols) in commercial brands of bottled tea beverages, researchers found “surprisingly low” levels.  For some tested, it would take consuming 20 bottles to equal the polyphenols found in a small cup of home-brewed tea. (240th American Chemical Society Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts)

Additionally, the researchers noted that any potential benefit from the small amounts of polyphenols present would be wiped out by the added sugars the beverages contained. (Sugary beverages are uniquely fattening.)  Save your money and really boost your health by brewing your own tea and keep the sugar out.  Green, black, white or oolong – loose leaf or bagged – hot or cold –  drink up!

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