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October 16, 2018 • Healthy Living

Lose Weight with Time-Restricted Eating

Looking for a healthy, easy way to drop some weight? Keep reading …
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A slew of recent mice studies have shown that simply restricting daily eating times to an 8-10 hour window, regardless of the amount and types of calories consumed, leads to weight loss and improvements in metabolic health. To test this tactic in human subjects, researchers recently completed a 10-week pilot study.
For this study, the researchers divided study subjects into two groups. Group 1 was instructed to eat foods as desired, but to delay their typical breakfast by 90 minutes and eat their dinner 90 minutes earlier—thus restricting eating to a 10-hour window during the day. Group 2 (the control group) was told to continue their daily meals and foods as they normally would with no restrictions or modifications. Both groups kept food diaries before and throughout the 10-week study. They also provided blood samples for the monitoring of various metabolic markers before and after.

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The results? Group 1 study subjects lost more than twice as much body fat than Group 2. Looking at the food diaries, which included questions about hunger, etc., Group 1 subjects ate less overall food attributed to less opportunities to eat, less snacking, and/or reduced appetite. What’s more, 43 percent of Group 1 study subjects felt like the intervention was easy and that it could be maintained over the long term.
On a personal note, I have experimented several times with this strategy and found it to be quite effective. In addition to improving weight control, lab studies have also shown that time-restricted eating, also known as modified fasting, significantly improves overall health and longevity.
Healthy, easy, effective—I call that a winner!
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