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September 10, 2014 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Make Dark Chocolate Your Treat of Choice

Dark chocolate is a treat you can indulge in and feel great about. In fact, dark chocolate may be the very best reminder that eating healthy can taste great too. Here is my advice for best results:

  • Choose the highest percentage cacao that your palate will accept. The higher the cacao, the more antioxidants and fiber it will have and usually the less sugar. Strive for at least 70% cacao, but start wherever you need to begin the habit. Over time, you will see that you can push up the cacao percentage. I love 86 to 90% now, but started at 60% initially.
  • Limit your indulgence to up to one ounce daily. One to two squares or no more than one-quarter of the standard large dark chocolate bar is a prudent portion.
  • Experiment with different brands to find the dark chocolate that you enjoy the most. You can also look for brands on special and stock up for the best value. My personal favorite is the Ghiradelli 86% Midnight Reverie brand.

From personal experience, I am more than convinced that dark chocolate is a great tool for taming an out-of-control sweet tooth. It is fantastic for “resensitizing” your taste buds to sweetness so that slightly sweet foods will taste plenty sweet, while sweet or very sweet foods will taste repulsive. Try it for yourself!dark chocolate 2